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2006 Series


  The Father’s Hurry….

Ed Corley


his is a story with many angles—as are most of our stories. This is the story of a man with a wealthy father. He also had a brother who lived a righteous life and was satisfied to live and work with his father. But the brother of our story was brash and impulsive and demanded his inheritance right away. He took what his father gave him and went to another country where he wasted his inheritance living a riotous life. Famine came to that land and he became hungry. He finally came to his senses and wanted to return to his home to his fathers’ house.

His father was watching for him. When he saw him coming down the road, he ran to meet him. The father who had not given up on him was in a hurry to meet him on that day when he finally saw him.

This is the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32. Even if you’re not familiar with the story in the Bible, it might  have similarities to your own story.

Let’s think of it just a little. This boy came to his father and said, give me the portion of goods that falleth to me—verse 12. In the Original, we see that his request was more like a demand. The word give is from an Aorist Imperative form of its Verb giving it the meaning, “Give it to me right now!”

The word goods is from the Greek word ousia which means one’s living. That boy wanted his whole living given over into his hands, immediately so he could do with his life as he pleased. It all seemed exciting at the time but this was his first step towards destruction.

The boy took his inheritance and went away from his father’s house—quickly. Then, he wasted his substance with riotous living—verse 13. Wasted means he threw it carelessly to the winds. His substance was his living, from the same word translated goods in verse 12. He wasted it all with riotous living. This word riotous is from aso’tos. It carries the meaning that is exactly the opposite of what a “saved” life would be. He lost all that could have been his in salvation.

When he realized he had lost all that could have been his, he came to himself. It was a painful realization. He felt he had no right to ask for more than the place of the lowest servant back in his fathers’ house. But, his father felt otherwise. When he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him—verse 20. It was a kiss of reconciliation. The father said, Bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it; and let us eat, and be merry: For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found—verses 23,24.


his story has happened again and again to many of us. In fact prisons are full of people with similar stories. God is reaching there. He’s “running” to meet men and women everywhere. We’re just happy that we can be part of one of the greatest revivals ever. There’s a little regret in my heart every time we read a letter from an inmate who has been touched by what we send. The regret is that I can’t be there and lay hands on them and pray with them.

But, with the help of the Holy Spirit, and the help of people who give, we are  able to touch many lives. I guess we’re touching more this way than if we were there in person. Oh, what joy!

In Luke 15:7 Jesus says.. There will be great joy when one sinner turns away from sin. Yes, there will be more joy than for 99 godly people who do not need to turn away from their sins.NIrV


Read the following……

From a high security unit in Lamesa, Texas

I am in Administrative Segregation now, and have been in trouble all my life because of abuse, physical, mental and sexual and spiritual, and the familiar grounds the seducing demons have used against me all my life. I have tried psychiatric medications, and doctors, but nothing ever “healed” my spiritual and emotional wounds.

I worked my way through “Putting Off the Old Man” and “The Value of Tongues,” and now, “The Human Spirit.” And I have more peace in my heart and mind and spirit than I have had since around 11 years old. I’m 50 now.

Working my way through “Putting Off the Old Man” was the hardest thing I ever have tried. Each time I tried, Satan punched all my buttons and kept me in bed, totally depressed, but, somehow, only with the Holy Spirit’s help, I managed to stay with it each day, despite the attacks. After a bit over two weeks into it, I “broke through”—spiritually and emotionally. This spiritual warfare has healed me as nothing else ever has. These books of yours set me free!...

We have no Chaplain or services but have to locate and utilize correspondence studies and resources.“ Jesus” is not being spoken here, except by us, so Mr. Corley, please pray for the Holy Spirit to send us a Sponsor soon. We do not ask for money. God will supply our needs. But if you know of someone who might be interested to help, ... with The Segregated Christian, please... (You may reach this brother in “lockdown” through Berean Ministries.)

It sounds like The Discipline of Intercession is being put into practice—

I’m very grateful to God for using your ministry of teaching the Word of God and for bringing it to me for my own spiritual enrichment and edification. I’m learning and increasing in the knowledge of God so I can walk worthy of Him, fully pleasing Him in every good work.

Enclosed is a small donation towards the help of publishing your messages. I want everyone to experience this ministry from the Lord. We are experiencing a moving of the Spirit of God here in prison at Brunswick Correctional Center and we want to see many more added to the church as the Spirit of God breaths upon us here,...that we would discover the various dimensions of “the love of Christ which passes knowledge.” We’re praying for fullness!!

How wide, how long, how deep and how high is this awesome love the Father has bestowed on us! I and others here need to know and experience the love of God!              Sincerely in Him, E.B.

Another writes:

I am serving a five year prison sentence here in San Quentin State Prison. Through a friend here  I’ve read the 2003 series of your mini-Maschil publications and I was overwhelmed with the study of each one. They are a blessing to me and give a much clearer understanding of the different topics and Scriptures that are presented in each one. I am thankful to have read them and would like to ask if it be possible to receive the 2004/2005 series so that I too may continue to grow in a more intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I’ve been here two and a half years and have two more to go. I am thankful for this time here because what the devil meant for bad God used it for good.                                 Respectfully, R G


Another brother writes from Angleton, Texas:

.....I wanted to send you my utmost thanks for the wonderful Bible I received from you...What a wonderful gift!...I have been spending much time affirming Mr. Corley’s teachings within my spirit! And have even recently experienced deliverance from deep within that I was totally unaware of, due to my understanding being enlightened through your wonderful teaching & ministry...I am able to wage battle to a much greater degree...not only in my own growth but in the body of believers at this location....                                                                              Shalom R P



he inmates on our mailing list have doubled and tripled in the last few years. We know the ministry of Berean Publications is to continue, but we need more of you standing with us.

One book much used is Putting Off the Old Man. It’s been published in more editions, with more copies than we know. We send it to every new prisoner on our mailing list and it has touched and helped change many of their lives. It’s a raw and tough read. It reaches deep inside where many people—even believers—have stuff buried that causes unending trouble. If you haven’t read it, order one. Order several copies and give them to people you know who struggle with inner darkness. One Pastor recently told me he’s been using it for over a year in ministry to his congregation.

Another book being used to change lives is The Human Spirit, Dumping Ground of the Emotions. This was, to be truthful, a very painful book to write. We had to pray it into being! But, of course, we knew who did not want it published. Be sure you get this one, too.

Another life-changing book we published again last year is The Discipline of Intercession. I believe this is the most important book we have in our library of available books. It leads us through a year of disciplined intercession. An early edition of this material was called Watching a Year of Healing. We gave it this name because of what takes place as we follow the disciplined month-by-month praying of Paul’s prayers we find in Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians.


his month our article is short and to the point, about prisoners who are coming to the Lord. And, my, oh my, they are coming! We want you all to be aware of what is going on with this ministry and our call to the mission fields of this country’s institutions. We feel a deep commission to continue publishing articles that are deep and reach into where many people live, whether behind bars or not.

We are also offering a free Bible to any prisoner who wants to receive it. We have made this commitment in faith that we will have the Bibles to send. Many have already been sent with others are still waiting for their copies.

In addition to the prisons, we’re reaching farther into the nations where we are currently supporting four ministries in Kenya, Uganda and Malawi.

Our website, www.maschil.com is reaching as far as Ho Chi Minn City in South Viet Nam. If you have Internet, go to this site. Send us your e-mail address if you would like to receive your monthly issues via the Internet instead of by mail.

If you are a Chaplain in a Prison or if you minister there as a lay minister, we want to hear from you. If any of you are open to taking on a pen pal behind bars, we want to hear from you, also. If you are a prisoner and would like a pen pal on the outside, let us know.

If you would like to purchase a case of Bibles for prisoners go to ibsdirect.com and have them shipped directly to us. The large print editions entitled Free on the Inside seem to be the best for prisoners, while some  prefer the King James Version. We also receive requests for Spanish Bibles.


ome of Paul’s final words in Hebrews 13:1- 3 give us instructions in dealing with others. Keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters. Don’t forget to welcome strangers. By doing that, some people have welcomed angels without knowing it. Remember those in prison as if you were in prison with them. And remember those who are treated badly as if you yourselves were suffering.NIrV



Here I am before You now.

I have so much more than many others.

At least I know You and Your redeeming love.

Won’t You please release in me a new heart of compassion. 

And, give me the wisdom to know how I can best serve with You

 in running to meet those who are coming up the road to find You.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ….

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