“Brother Ed” (as he prefers to be known) came to Christ as a Southern Baptist, at a young age. Very early on, he was aware of a calling and burden upon his heart to become a minister. A remarkable student in high school, he showed great promise as a candidate for formal education! As the hand of God came to rest more heavily upon him, he committed himself to a life of service to the Lord Jesus, and entered a notable Seminary, where he achieved well and earned two theological degrees.

He and Lena Mae pioneered churches, and served in Pastorates in the Deep South for a number of years, before being introduced to the Pentecostal experience, which because of their great hunger for God, they received gladly! Before long, they were led via a series of unusual circumstances, to serve upon the faculty and staff of Elim Bible Institute, at Lima, New York; where for many years, their life and ministry was a great asset and blessing! By this juncture, they had been blessed with three beautiful children, which to this day, are, with their grandchildren, a delight to their hearts. All are dedicated Believers in Christ.

After years of ministry in America, Canada, and upon Foreign Fields, Ed was directed to concentrate his time to a greater extent, in writing and publishing, wherein he has been engaged for the past thirty years as a Prophetic Teacher unto the Nations. Literally, many tons of Instructional, Doctrinal, and Deeper- Life teachings have been sent forth from the Corleys’ ministry, around the World; including to jails, prisons, and various penal institutions. The fruit born from their ministry is indeed immeasureable and beyond comprehension. To God be all the glory! Today, Ed and two of their children (and their children) press faithfully on in this work, from their headquarters in North Carolina.                                

Ed's ministry teachings will be a tremendous blessing and encouragement to you. Our dear brother is far more than an “Instructor in Righteousness;” he is a true Father in the Faith, known and loved around the world.

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